HD Video Crews and Camera Equipment All Over the World

CrewStar Camera Crew Booking offers one of the most extensive networks of TV and HD video crews worldwide, coupled with the industry’s most flexible, client-centric camera crew booking service.

Our network includes highly skilled, experienced, client-friendly camera crews, technicians, and equipment resources in all 50 states and more than 90 countries. Whether it’s a two-man video crew or a fully equipped TV production team, we understand that the requirements are never the same from one shoot to the next. That’s why we base our services on your individual camera crew needs, rather than a set crew package or production crew/camera equipment minimums. If you only need a single Director of Photography and no camera equipment, we can do that too.

Dedicated Customer Service for Camera Crew Clients

We are on call for any after hours or weekend inquiries about our available camera crews. We respond immediately when you need to book a camera crew. Our special brand of personalized service sets us apart from other production crew booking agencies for TV and video.

A Consultative Approach to Camera Crew Booking

We rigorously screen our camera crews to ensure they meet our stringent requirements for experience, knowledge, and professionalism as well as the highest quality of HD video equipment.

Guaranteed Crew Satisfaction

We follow up on our camera crew’s performance after every shoot. We back every element of our services—from crew booking requests through assignment wrap and billing.