Employment Services

In CrewStar’s Employment Services division, we take on all the comprehensive administration of your in-house staff’s employment: from background checks to tax withholding to workers’ comp, and everything in between.

In fact, when you hire CrewStar to onboard employees, they become our employees. Though they report to your offices and you have direct supervisory control over them, CrewStar is responsible for every aspect of their employment.

Camera Crews WorldwideTM

Are you running a corporate media department, or just need to find a reliable crew for an upcoming HD video commercial or other kind of shoot? CrewStar can connect you with existing production teams or assemble one for you, just about anywhere in the world.

Our camera crews are fully vetted with top references and come equipped with some of the finest HD cameras and gear the industry has to offer. Our unique a la carte ordering process allows you to select any size crew, with as much or as little gear as needed.